President of the Russian Academy of Sciences: Research Institute of Medical Primatology should be the basic institute in Russian neuroscience

July 21, President of the Russian Academy of Sciences Alexander Sergeev and Vice President of the Russian Academy of Sciences Vladimir Chekhonin visited the Research Institute of Medical Primatology in Sochi. At the meeting, the scientists discussed how to include the institute in the program on neuroscience and artificial intelligence, which is now being developed at the RAS.
“I think that the main drawback of today's research is the absence or very insignificant work in this area (in the field of neuroscience),” V. Chekhonin noted. - The highest nervous activity in monkeys is most similar to the human nervous system. Therefore, we need these studies, and, I think, we will start them in the very near future.
As it was noted by Alexander Sergeev, the Research Institute of Medical Primatology should become the basic institution of Russian neuroscience. But to become the basic institution for the study of the human brain using primates, a number of important problems must be solved.
First, you need to create a laboratory for brain research. Secondly, there is a difficulty with the equipment. Today, the Institute does not have modern computer and magnetic resonance imaging scanners. To diagnose the organism of monkeys, high-precision MRI scanners are needed: with a static magnetic field strength of seven Tesla. Such devices allow to get a clear image.
Finally, the third problem is related to personnel, or rather, to housing conditions for new employees. Alexander Sergeyev and Vladimir Chekhonin have already discussed this issue at the recent meeting with the governor of the Krasnodar Territory and the mayor of Sochi. The authorities promised to help with the housing problem for scientists.
After solving all these problems, the Research Institute of Medical Primatology will help Russian neuroscience to reach a new level.
“I see the prevailing role of the Institute of Primatology in solving a set of tasks that will ensure the implementation of this program,” Vladimir Chekhonin emphasized. “- First of all, it is neuropharmacology - the creation and development of new drugs. Without preclinical trials on primates, no drug can be introduced into clinical practice.”
- “Of course, the study of the human brain is impossible without the study of the brain of a monkey. A monkey is a human laboratory counterpart. We all belong to the primate Order, so many mechanisms - immunological, metabolic, and mental - are similar in humans and monkeys,” added Sergei Orlov, director of the Research Institute of MP. – “I hope that this visit [of the president of the Russian Academy of Sciences] will lead to the further development of the institute and will attract new scientific personnel. I think we have a great future.”

Saturday, 10 August 2019 20:05